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New Series: Cicero Philosophy Project Philosophia Ciceroniana

This series of posts on Cicero’s philosophy will feature the observations and reflections of a few postgraduate researchers from Oxford and LMU who have embarked on a project of reading through all of Cicero’s philosophical works. These posts are not intended to be academic articles which present groundbreaking research. Rather, they are our reading notes, a florilegium of sorts, on topics ranging from a list of all the ancient views on the soul recorded by Cicero in Tusculanae 1, to analyses of puns in Academica, to quotes we find beautiful and moving, to compilations of locutiones useful for speaking or writing in Latin.

If you are interested in joining this reading project, we would welcome you! Please email us at

Quae de Ciceronis philosophia in lucem edituri sumus, sive scripta sive colloquia viva voce habita, ea inde nascuntur: ex assidua et meditata quorundam (in Universitate Oxoniensi et Ludovico-Maximilianea Monacensi) pervestigatorum lectione, qui opera Ciceronis de philosophia conscripta omnia accurate et diligenter perlegerunt. Nec in animo est nobis ut ea foras exieant veluti academica quaedam opuscula, quae nova et inaudita polliceri solent, sed potius ut animadversiones, quas Ciceronis libros evolventes dignas esse censemus, quas et notemus et vobiscum communicemus. Insuper, et locorum florilegia secundum philosophica argumenta confecta, et indices, qui venustas et iocundas iuncturas ad utramque facultatem dicendi scribendique perutiles continent, in publicum dabimus.

Si quis vestrum partem capere studet, scribat nobis per:

–Renatus (Alwaleed Alsaggaf)

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