‘Ideally, every Latin student should do a Septimana Latina, worth many weeks of traditional teaching. The human contacts were great, and I was struck by the strong sense of community.’

-Dr Melinda Letts, College Tutor in Greek and Latin Languages, Jesus College, Oxford University


Participating in the Oxford Latinitas Project has been a real joy, both academically and personally. In it, I have found not only clever classicists, but people who communicate a deep affection for the tradition of latinitas viva. Beauty and truth are pursued in the company of the wise men and women of all times, in their own language, and always driven by the desire of true friendship – a consentio rerum humanarum et divinarum cum benevolentia et caritate, as both Cicero and Augustine conceived it.

-Dr Patricio Domínguez Valdés, Faculty of Philosophy, Universidad de los Andes (Chile), and visiting researcher at Blackfriars Hall, Oxford University


‘The week at the Accademia provided me not only with an excellent opportunity to improve my Latin, but also made me realize the value and joy of the humanities. Vivarium seems to be as concerned with teaching the students wisdom as with teaching the language.’

-Oxford Classics postgraduate student


‘A wonderful opportunity that allowed me (an undergraduate in science) to progress with my Latin, find new friends, and to develop my understanding of the world—of the ancient and modern worlds, and the world that is within called the soul.’

-Oxford Chemistry student