Septimana Latina

We are delighted to announce the Septimana Latina 2019: an immersive Latin study-abroad week at the Accademia Vivarium Novum in Rome. The Septimana is co-hosted by professors from the Accademia and the Oxford Classics Faculty at the Accademia’s campus at the Villa Falconieri.

For seven days, participants are immersed in the only community in the world where Classical Latin is still used as the everyday language. The full programme of language and literature instruction will include:

  • Latin prose and verse composition classes in small groups
  • Small literature and philosophy discussion groups
  • Rhetoric classes for advanced; speaking-practice track for beginners
  • Two trips to archaeological sites
  • Music and poetry classes
  • Potential Greek immersion track
  • Opportunities for 1-1 tutorials with Vivarium Novum and Oxford Classics Faculty professors
  • Round-the-clock immersion in Latin with Vivarium Novum’s renowned methods of studying ancient languages and literature in a joyful scholarly community modelled on the humanist schools of the Renaissance

To apply for a place, please fill in this form by 4 January 2019. The cost of the week is £500 covering all food, accommodation on the Accademia’s campus, didactic materials, excursions and transport (except flights). Applications for generous need-based scholarships are available on request by writing to

Please feel most welcome to email us with any questions at