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Bringing Ancient Languages to Life

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Our mission

The mission of Oxford Latinitas is to provide world-class active language teaching in ancient Greek, Latin, and other languages, in order to bring new life to scholarship on ancient texts, to enable students from all backgrounds to enjoy reading, interpreting and discussing ancient literature and philosophy for themselves, and to provide employment for brilliant teachers.

Learn Ancient Greek & Latin Online

At Oxford Latinitas we teach and study ancient languages using the Active Method. We currently offer Ancient Greek and Latin classes. Our online classes and courses provide the ideal opportunity to learn Ancient Greek and Latin from the comfort of your own home.

Online language instruction

Study online with us year-round, whether in our 9-week terms or our 2- or 4-week seasonal intensives — or complete the entire course in one year by doing them all! All classes have an upper limit of 8 students, to ensure you get personal attention to support your learning.

Online advanced reading seminars

In these once-a-week 90-minute seminars, our teachers choose Latin and ancient Greek texts that they find particularly interesting. Each seminar will consist of reading and discussion in the original language, led by the teacher but to a considerable extent shaped by the students’ response to the text. These highly participative sessions will appeal to those who wish to work on their reading and/or speaking fluency.


Latin immersion trips

Join us for our week-long intensive, fully immersive Latin courses at the stunning Palazzola estate outside Rome or in historic Jesus College, Oxford. These Latin immersion trips offer significant growth in fluency, unforgettable surroundings, and a chance to form wonderful new friendships with likeminded people from all over the world.

Ancient Greek immersion trips

Spend a fortnight immersing yourself in Ancient Greek with us on the beautiful Candili Estate in Euboea. Grow your Greek in glorious surroundings with people from all over the world who share your passion for ancient languages! All levels catered for.

Individual tutoring

For a tailored option with rapid results, why not try our private tutoring service? We will pair you with an Oxford Latinitas tutor perfectly matched to your needs, whatever your aspirations or current level of knowledge. Starting at £120/hour for one student, or £150/hour for two students.

Bespoke academic group trips

Oxford Latinitas is an experienced provider of European academic tours. Our team includes a former high school Erasmus coordinator with a track record of single-handedly planning and executing around 20 school trips to various European destinations, including England, Italy, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Macedonia, and Russia.

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