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Bespoke academic group trips

Bespoke academic group trips

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Oxford Latinitas is an experienced provider of European academic tours. Our team includes a former high school Erasmus coordinator with a track record of single- handedly planning and executing around 20 school trips to various European destinations, including England, Italy, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Macedonia, and Russia.

Our qualifications, recognized by the European Union, and our authorization to work with students under 18 in the UK, allow us to lead and be responsible for school trips. Our budgeting expertise and meticulous attention to legal codes ensure seamless and compliant journeys. Our team also includes an experienced teacher from Winchester College who is well-versed in meeting UK and EU requirements for in loco parentis trips.

Flexibility is at the core of Oxford Latinitas. Whether you seek a tour organized on short notice or prefer to plan in advance, we can accommodate your needs. Leveraging our network of 20 teachers based in different countries across Europe, each equipped with expert local knowledge and native fluency, we offer an immersive and well-rounded experience, fostering deep connections with the diverse cultures and histories of the continent.

We have established long-standing relationships with unique venues and vendors throughout Europe, which, for example, affords us the opportunity to house students in historic and picturesque buildings, adding an extra dimension of immersion and authenticity to your experience.

Sample pricing:

  • £2,500 per traveller per week, including airfare, for trips from the US to Western European countries like the UK, France, Italy, or Greece
  • £2,000 per traveller per week, including airfare, for trips from the US to Central European or Eastern European destinations such as Bulgaria or Macedonia.
  • £1,500 per traveller per week, not including airfare, for trips starting and ending within Europe.


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