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Our techniques are based on the active method – not just reading and writing, but also speaking and listening.

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Our mission

The mission of Oxford Latinitas is to provide world-class active language teaching in ancient Greek, Latin, and other languages, in order to bring new life to scholarship on ancient texts, to enable students from all backgrounds to read, interpret and discuss ancient literature and philosophy for themselves, and to provide employment for brilliant teachers.

Online language classes

Twice-weekly classes of no more than 8 students, aiming to teach the foundations of Latin and Ancient Greek, strengthen students’ active linguistic abilities, and improve their reading and writing fluency. Classes are usually available at all levels.

Online text-based seminars

These seminars involve reading and discussing a variety of ancient works, and are intended for proficient speakers who can read Latin and Greek authors with ease.

Summer School in Euboea, Greece, 5th-19th August 2023

Spend a fortnight immersing yourself in Ancient Greek with us on the beautiful Candili Estate in Euboea. Grow your Greek, with like-minded people in glorious surroundings! All levels catered for.

Individual tutoring

For a tailored option with rapid results, why not try our private tutoring service? We will pair you with an Oxford Latinitas tutor perfectly matched to your needs, whatever your aspirations or current level of knowledge.